Marvin and Anne Whiteman - Red Bluff, California

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A River Runs Through It

The Elegant Sacramento ...

The beautiful Sacramento River runs right through the middle of town. You can launch a boat at the lovely River Park, midtown ... and slowly cruise while taking in the breathtaking views of Lassen Peak and Shasta, and the ring of mountains that surround the area.

River Park in Red Bluff just off Main Street (boat launch)

Ever fished where you were one of just a few fishermen (or no others), yet just a minute away from town? Or how about taking your boat out without having to worry about waiting and overcrowding? If you haven't done these things, then try it here ... no problem!

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Red Bluff is hot during the summer, but relaxing along these cool shores is a pleasure any time.

Those who remember "picnics in the park" from their early years will learn that those days aren't gone ... they just moved to Red Bluff! Families still do that here.

Or enjoy water sports. Did you know that one of the biggest speedboat races in the country takes place here? One weekend a year the town resounds with the loud noise of speed boats.
Other events take place at River Park, too, like the 4th of July celebration (with fireworks over the river, reflecting gloriously) and Monday night concerts in summer by the Red Bluff band. Some just stop and have their lunch after purchasing fast food from local restaurants. There are swimming lessons during summer at the park pool. On Wednesdays (near the courthouse) and Saturdays (at the Park)there is a Farmer's Market featuring local produce.